What Happened in 2015?

"History is written by the victors"- Winston Churchill

Excerpts From A Brief History of The United States: Volume 2 (2000-2999) [1]

The Death of Authority- A Look At The March Revolution of 2015 (Ch. 36, Sec. 2, Pt. A)

…..but in November 2014, Obama found himself face-to-face with the first of many angry students, beneficiaries of the same higher education plan he had instated on March 23rd of that year…..these students, a handful of undergrads from colleges in the Boston (present-day Sector 10) area, were the small beginnings of the Student Resistance….

….Paul was shot and killed in Washington D.C (the capital of the USA until 2058) on September 13, 2015, effectively putting to rest the remnants of the Resistance…..

…..President Obama refused to comment on the Harvard fire, until his infamous outburst near the end of his final term……

….The attitude of the Resistance, one of bitter, educated opposition, was new to the American people. Never before had they witnessed the coupling of intellect and brawn, the progression of ideology through the medium of thoughtful rebellion….

……12 killed in San Fran……

…..On March 1st, 2015 the Revolution began when hundreds of students gathered in Kenmore Park. The meeting was a response to a conference that had been given at Harvard University in late January by radical leaders, including Noam Chomsky and Slavoj Zizek. The conference called for an alignment of thought and deed, a call that, ironically, led to the rejection of the speakers themselves (in accordance with the ideological rejection of all authority, which was now, finally, being put to practice)…..

……”We are practicing what you preach!” shouted an angry student at Dr. Benhabib, professor of philosophy at Yale University.….

….[the] erosion of authority was believed to have begun with the rise of modernity in the 15th century. However, the practical consequences of said erosion did not take hold until the mid 21st century. The March Revolution of 2015 is cited as one of the first major practical consequences of Second-Wave erosion, which was brought in by post-modernity in the late 1990’s…..

………Paul Kennedy, a major leader of the Revolution, was raised in the suburbs of New York, by his mother, who worked at……

……..The Revolution remained rooted in the East Coast, but quickly spread across the nation. By March 10th, there were 423 participating institutions, each committed to doing destruction to the intellectual and physical authorities of their region………

……..A swarm of Molotov Cocktails were lobbied through the window of the School of Comparative Zoology, which, within hours, led to the total destruction of Harvard’s School and Engineering and Applied Sciences. Over the subsequent days, many schools followed suit.……

…….Revolution of 2015 is known by students today as, effectively, the Death of Authority. As citizens of the reformed communitarian anarchistic States, we owe much to the brave intellectuals of 2015……

……hypothesize that the Harvard conference had sparked the revolution not for any reason specific to it; rather, the conference had been the straw that broke the camel’s back, the result of culminated angst amongst the Millennial Generation. Two years prior to the March Revolution, a nationwide sit-in (the “Occupy” movement) had given social scientists a picture of the civil Geist, revealing the frustration that was latent in the average civilian’s mind…..

……Police released smoke and rubber bullets, to no avail….

…….In mid April, 2015, the last of the institutions of higher learning, Kenyon College, were sent to ashes. Thus ended the era of intellectual authority; tilling the soil for the Anarchist Rise of 2058…..

…..1.3 million reported dea……

…..(Socio)(psycho)(anthropo)logists have been struck by the secular v. religious reactions to the March Revolution. Somewhat counterintuitively, it was the religiously-based centers of higher ed. that faced the strongest destructive blows. The predominate theory is that the ideological tension that was preexistent in the religions of these students had caused severe angst among various sub-groups in the student body. The Harvard Fire thus served as secular inspiration for the relieving of religious tension……

……”It spread like wildfire”- Mother of……


1 This volume was a classic in the C.A.S., until its demise in 3207. Citizens of the C.A.S. treasured it as a valuable spring for information on their national roots, primarily because of the detailed picture it painted of life in the U.S.A. Unfortunately, there remains no fully intact copy of the work; we have collected here what remains intelligible. (Ed.’s Note)


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  1. I love the way you’ve written this in fragments. It’s so tantalising!

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