My phone broke: Thank God.

Just me and my cell phone hanging out...before he broke!!1!!! 😦

My phone broke: Thank God.

I was free! Free of responsibility to respond
to untimely calls! Free to an excuse
for missing appointments! Free of burden!

Life was great! I felt 14.2 ounces lighter!
I bought myself presents! I indulged! One day,
I even made eye contact with a stranger!
(And now we’re friends!)

At first I felt naked without it,
but then I nakedly expressed my joy!
Like King David, I paraded across
fields at midday, totally naked, with
all of the other burdenless people of
the world! “Freedom!” we sang!

And there were elephants! We rode,
still naked, on the backs of giant elephants!
Which led to my kissing a stranger, hard!
And we, she and I, thought nothing of it!
We laughed til midnight, and then laughed some more!
We shouted secrets! We sang the happiest African spirituals!
Free from our servitude! We had reached our North!
Praise God Almighty, we were free at last!

Then my new phone arrived.

Txt me.


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